Jim2® MPS Connectors

Jim2 Business Engine is proud to integrate with the following MPS systems to bring meter read information, service and consumables requests from machines in the field directly into Jim2 Business Engine for processing and automatic billing.

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Toshiba copier meter reads integrate directly into Jim2, allowing for streamlined billing.

Ricoh Direct meter reads directly into Jim2. Ricoh @Remote automatically imported as well!

Canon eMaintenance meter reads directly into Jim2, along with remote diagnostics, consumables management, and more.

Fmaudit software automatically collects meter reads and directly integrates with Jim2.

Remote collection of meter reads, automated supplies fulfilment and reports, all fully integrated with Jim2.

Printfleet collects critical printing device information, and integrates directly with Jim2.


Konica Direct streamlines meter reads into Jim2, and the more powerful Konica Minolta Connector integrates copier meter reads, plus consumables and service requests into Jim2.


Kyocera's three-tiered billing integrates into Jim2 to offer tailored CPC billing to your customers.


Automatically collects the meter read information from Sharp machines and integrates directly with Jim2.

eBusiness Connect

Jim2 Business Engine enables electronic trading with the following suppliers, bringing current price lists and stock availability levels directly into Jim2 for quoting purposes, and easily generating purchase orders.

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Other Partners

 Jim2 Business Engine is the preferred business software for Leading Edge Computers stores throughout Australia